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Tad Jones: The Hero Returns

Tadeo is a simple, unpretentious guy. He earns a living, constructing high-rise buildings along with his faithful friends. A chance meeting with a pretty girl Sarah led to a series of incredible adventures. Redheaded Babe is a journalist with the adventurous nature of the warehouse. She drew a simple rabotjagu to archaeological excavations and the search for ancient treasures. Dangerous adventures ended happily, and the heroes return to normal life. But a sudden phone call Sarah became the beginning of the history of Tadeo Jones 2. Builder confidently decided that the journalist not enough communication, just like him. And prepared obruchalnoe kolechko and marriage proposal. But, it turned out, his romantic thoughts nor to the site and it was called the Grand presentation. Sarah found an old papyrus.
Tad Jones: The Hero Returns
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