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Chittorgarh was the capital of such a State as Mewar, which existed from 8 to 16 century. Here many centuries the ancient Sisodij clan rules, and the fortress was a stronghold for the Rajput Princes. The city was subjected to severe precipitation three times, and the most iconic attack is considered a intrusion New Delhi Sultan Allauddin by name in the year 1303. Then came the Gujarat Sultan Bahadur Shah, and the army of Akbar the great. But in all three cases, the besieged chose death. Members of the Royal family brought to dzhauharu, that is, self-immolation.
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Shivdam Kumar
#1 Shivdam Kumar Guests 15 April 2018 13:58
FANTASTIC MOVIE! Padmaavat is one of Bollywood's greatest and best movies. This is as the settings were so good, the acting was so good (especially Ranveer Singh's as Sultan Alauddin Khilji). The jauhar scene at the end gave me goosebumps, it was shown so beautifully. The controversy about this movie in India is wrong, they don't even show Padmavati and Khilji in this movie together. This movie showed the braveness of the Rajputs. There is even a disclaimer at the start and you should listen to it, especially if you wanted Padmaavat to get banned. They don't show the plot of this movie in the website so I will say it:Queen Padmavati gets married to Maharaja Ratan Singh of Mewar. The royal priest betrays the Rajputs and tells Sultan Alauddin Khilji of Delhi all about Padmavati's beauty. As Khilji wants everything precious in the world, he attacks Chittorgarh so he could get Padmavati but is unsuccessful. He does truce with the Rajputs and meets Maharaja Ratan Singh personally so he could see Padmavati. Ratan Singh gets angry and doesn't agree. Alauddin captures Ratan due to this and keeps him in custody. Padmavati with the Rajput men go to save Ratan. Padmavati is successful. Khilji gets angry and attacks Chittor. When Singh and Khilji sword fight, Singh is doing well but the Khilji's slave, Malik Kafur kills Singh with dishonour with a bow. Now Alauddin wants to capture Padmavati and the women of Chittor but during the process, Padmavati and the women do jauhar. Jauhar is when women burn themselves for honour and to get away from getting captured by the enemy. So, Padmavati does jauhar is the women and Padmavati's death full of honour is Chittor's biggest win and Khilji biggest loss.... So that is the plot of thois fantastic movie and do watch it.