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Hollywood Dirt

Film events will evolve in a small and quiet village called Quincy. One day, here comes a film crew from Hollywood to shoot several frames and then release a movie about how exactly these places develops business. When locals know about it, they are not very happy with nezvanym guests. People simply avoided strangers side and did not want to join with them in conversation. The group soon meets a young and quite an attractive girl named Summer Jenkins. Despite its charm, she was considered an outcast among other locals. The filmmakers were reshino to organize the shooting of the film, as well as the entire process. Here she meets the young and very nice man named Cole, who was not only a producer, but also must play a central role in his new film. Guy immediately drew attention to Summer and then decides to invite for the lead role in the movie, though perfectly understands that this is a big risk because the girls totally have no experience.
Hollywood Dirt
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