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Table 19

When Eloise learned that her friend, with her brother that she meets, gathered to marry and become calls a bridesmaid, she is very excited. Guy heroines should be best man groom, so at this festival they will be together. At least, so it was expected. But plans changed at the last moment. The young man decided to throw out Eloise in just a few days before the holiday, and most disgusting that he found in himself the courage to tell her about everything in person and just sent an SMS. The heroine of the oskorbilas and very upset that it turned out, because the going even to the wedding didn't go to see there is no person who caused her pain. And then she again well thought and realized that this would be too silly-skip the event because of one case. On the contrary, it should be there in full dress and show the guy what beauty he lost.
Table 19
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