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Fifty Shades Freed

The protagonists of the picture went through many obstacles. They got to know each other very well, and now, it seems, no problems not razluchat Anu with Christian. Girl just fine with a luxurious lifestyle, accustomed to it. And she very loyal start refers to the dictatorial inclinations of the beloved. Christian managed to deal with the demons, martyred him all his life, and abandoned most of their sadistic predilections.
Their honeymoon took place in paradise. They perfectly studied each other's habits. But the idyllic former Chief decided to destroy Ana Jack, who cannot forgive Joined his dismissal. To get revenge, he steals Mia-sister Christian. Solve the problem came from a brave Ana. Even when you're in an interesting position, she managed to make every effort to save the girl and bring back peace in the family.
Fifty Shades Freed
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