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Murder on the Orient Express

Travel from Istanbul through the whole of Europe would become a fascinating pastime, and passengers on the Orient Express finishers, anticipate an interesting trip. However, shortly after dating between them happened irreparable — killed one person in the train. Belgian Hercule Poirot, the famous thin flair and ability to disclose even the most intricate case is taken for investigating the death of a passenger.It is clear that the killer is among the rest — who needed to deprive human life? Intrigue more cover, in the process, it turns out that everyone had his own secrets and motives. Not everyone has the absolute an alibi which would help to avoid punishment. Detectives have to listen closely to everyone ensuring their facial expressions and reactions. After all, if he did not reveal the identity of the killer soon, then at the first station of the culprit just runs away. Able to fold together facts and used to logically think Poirot will clean water.
Murder on the Orient Express
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