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Ridge Runners

Rachel Willow works in the police force and lives with his mother. The main character got sluzhebnyj Roman with team-mate Rob Shepherd when he put. But this novel is a dead end because Rob is married. Yes, and he is not going to seem to divorce. However, they work well together. Soon they have to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. 12-year-old Halley disappeared from the House where she lived with her mother on behalf of Maddie, and nobody knows what happened to her next. The girl seems to be dissolved into the air. While Rachel and Rob begin to search, frightened girl sitting in the truck is being kidnapped for use in the sex trade. Much is at stake, it is clear even the Hedgehog, that girl is in terrible danger. Will Rachel and Rob decide this case as quickly as possible? Otherwise the girl will take home far away from home, and she hardly ever will get a chance to go back.
Ridge Runners
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