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The world of the future people seemed light and carefree. That's just the heroes of this story, could ensure that all quite differently. Rhett and his younger sister were faced with the same information and shed truth on the surrounding world. At first glance, people live in good conditions and the city prospered. That's just all artful illusion created by powerful corporations. Moreover, all the world's Governments, this is only a fiction constructed these same companies. The world has long been in their hands and is divided into equal pieces. People considering themselves free are under constant control and supervision. Observance of laws and rights, nobody cares and no sense even thinking about such justice. And shadowing this need because that would identify people who'd learned the truth. Often bystanders, are lost and more about them, no one heard. It is similar and waiting for the heroes, only after that, they start running. Not a simple path awaits them, because each step may be caught in the camera lens. Whole life will be turned upside down and light the world looses some of its beauty. Fortunately, all this did not prevent to appear the people that see the truth and try to confront her and with them will discover heroes.
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