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Space exploration has always brought a stunning result, but this time a group of scientist-astronauts awaiting such a surprise, that they feel the true arbiters of history. For decades, people assumed that the rocky soil of Mars is totally devoid of even the most primitive bits of life. Latest research broke this theory. Protein samples were found. All mankind vzvolnovano anticipation of contact with extraterrestrial creature. On the planet sverhtehnologichnyj sent a spaceship. Starship adapted not only for a dignified existence of earthlings, but also for conducting various experiments to study what people do not have the slightest idea. The team is so excited that lost sleep. Finally the first sample is on board. This is the simplest, but much larger than terrestrial organisms of similar structure. Observing the strictest caution, scientists are starting to slowly apply the prescribed rules, methods of cognition. Act have intuitively. Members of the expedition almost did not depart from the sealed capsules with met.
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