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Cars 3

Six years later, meet the third part of the popular animated cartoon from Pixar released by Walt Disney Pictures about the adventures of a racecar Lightning Mcqueen, who has already become the darling of the public and a legend of the track. For him the race is all he lives and ready to once again win the piston Cars 3 cars will differ from the previous parts, Mcqueen which accused that he is no longer the same and takes its time, taking part in the next race, then grind iron sparks and the phrase: "from this moment on, things will change" so what changed, the protagonist may not perish, may he gains new friends, enemies or lose everything? It will be a completely new, different story, getting a bit gloomy, which receives an unexpected twist and followed this summer posypetsja sea of applause and criticism. McQueen will find many exciting adventures, more speed, more horsepower, is the motto of our champion ...
Cars 3
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