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The Last Word

Since his youth, Harriet Lawler aspired to be a successful business Lady and sent all their forces to achieve their goals. However, the expectations were not long in coming. She managed to earn a good capital and occupy a high position in society. She often becomes zvanoj guest on secular events. This lady wants to communicate authoritative people, all surround her attention and express their reverence for it. It seemed that all this sincerely. However, it is not, unfortunately, some true things she never was aware of until his old age. Over time, the initiative was subsequently business life at Lawler formed some unusual features of nature. This lady is so used to controlling everything that relates to it, decided to organize his own funeral, and write an obituary. However, not possessing the skills of literary she directs his young but professional journalist named Anne. Soon between them built friendly relations.
The Last Word
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