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For many years the team of X-men together with Wolverine Logan led by permanent leader, Professor Xavier, resisted numerous attempts by forces of evil to destroy our world. Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge, the defenders no more mutants. There remained only Logan and Professor. Now only two of them depends the future of the world. After all, their old enemy in the person of Nathaniel Essex and his Corporation never sleeps. He wants to bring to life his next and most devious plan of everyone who ever pop up in his head. But how to resist the powerful enemy far from two young heroes who lost due to age old skills and skill? The answer comes by itself. They need to find a new defender of peace. To do this, Professor Xavier creates a clone of the Logan-girl named Laura. She takes over from his mentor's best quality. Only now started on her real hunting. Whether Xavier and Logan to protect his successor and win the decisive last battle in their lives?
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