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Science, it seems all the people very pleasant matter. It is thanks to this Wednesday of mankind, people have advanced in their development so far. But few know that scientific research there and back, the dark side. It is expressed in all sorts of experiments that can often cripple examinees. Of course, usually similar to checks on animals. But at the heart of this history, the role of the examinees will be people. The experiment will be conducted in a secret military laboratory. Where the doctor will examine the psychology of behaviour, by the example of a very violent criminals. Only one of them turns out to be under the influence of a special and new drug that affects the mind of people. Ahead, doctors waiting for inhumane experiment, because his results would be much more surprising. He can see the true nature of human evil that struck his laboratory in a special place. And it is these results, not only will change scientific views, but also bring together with the opening of the base to a very dangerous situation. Because the accident often happens to be on the side of the bad guys.
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