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Mistress Hunter

Jackie a few years of marriage. But now she feels that her husband is unfaithful. However, evidence of precise and explicit yet. A woman needs a clear fact of treason. So she decides to hired detective who must commit treason process itself. The man starts to follow the client. He follows him to work, learns where man lunching and making after work. The detective learns information that should lead him to the place of treason. He carefully prepared and sent for unfaithful husband. Jackie was already in anticipation of divorce. But things clearly went awry, as expected. In place of treason finding the husband and his mistress, but they are dead. Someone killed them. Jackie immediately tries to contact her Sleuth, but he was missing. Now the main suspect becomes Jackie. Logically she had motive to kill and could do this or or hire a murderer. 
Mistress Hunter
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