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Winter's Dream

After a period of tremendous victories and great achievements of alpine skier Kate Miller, decides to step aside and give way to new talents. After finishing career, the heroine discovers in the mountain hotel for lovers of mountain entertainment. It was a long dream champion. The tourist business is not always profitable, it happened with her property. Competition among big hotels, and all survive such pressure. in the run-up to Christmas in a vacant boarding house heroine arrives father with daughter. Young guy brought the girl to her request, because she really wants to learn to ski, and become a famous athlete. Kat gladly helps her fathom the delights of skiing. Meanwhile, the marvelous things begin to occur, and the girl realizes that it is the arrival of the men brought her luck. Heroes and not noticed how close a spark of magic and present tales originated in the soul of beauty. Among the beauties of snow between the couple begins a passionate affair, but for lovers of their sincere feelings?
Winter's Dream
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