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Cooking with Love

Main heroine Kelly-businesswoman. She cares only about money and about his work. She doesn't have time for all sorts of minutiae type personal life, going out with friends and others. Now she is working on a project of culinary show for children. In this show the best compete against kids from all over the country for the title of the most talented young chefs. Everything goes according to plan, but before the shooting shows Kelly learns that the girl who was supposed to lead a programmuploho feeling and therefore unable to show. Kelly had no choice, so she appealed for help to the Chief Cook, who leads culinary transfer on an adjacent channel. His show is called "Harris" was not in vain. After all, this man has a very irascible character and there were cases when he angrily tossed the plate with the dish in people. During the Harris and Kelly discover that they have a lot of common interests. They love children and cook delicious food. They understand that they are very close to each other and everything goes to the relationship.
Cooking with Love
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