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OGGIE is ten-year-old boy who rarely shot helmet of astronaut. It is not just liked wearing it, so this kid hid his face, which was disfigured many scars. When he was born, his parents were very surprised by the appearance of Oggie, he had two arms, two legs, but practically absent, and therefore had the child survive the 27 operations so he could breathe, hear and see. And when the time came to go to school, the mother of the boys decided to leave his home, where his and began to teach. This woman is perfectly understood that she could not give all the necessary knowledge to his son, but she is trying very hard. His mother gave up her favorite pastime Oggie, she became very rarely draw, devoting all his time to his son. The elder sister of the hero and his father also often spent time with him, playing different games, and as soon as Oggie 
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