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Hap and Leonard Season 3

The third season of the series "Hap and Leonard" welcomes the faithful fans and casual viewers. Before you story about two losers who decide to combine their efforts in pursuit of happiness. The first Hap Collins. Man has always been hard-working and responsible, but declined to fly to fight in Viet Nam. In the country he was a deserter and a traitor and imprisoned. The early years of the protagonist were not released, as now he really regrets. Leonard pine black homosexual, which, unlike Hjepa, went into Viet Nam and returned with honor and glory. War veteran admitted in its different sexual orientations, which became an outcast among relatives and friends. A loner in life Pine also suffers from uncontrollable bouts of anger and rabies, which often scare his new buddy. The characters are immediately able to get himself in the unpleasant history associated with drug traffickers. The series is based on work by Joe r. Ljejsdjejla, who was known for his work on the screenplay of projects such as "Cold in July" and "son of Batman".
Hap and Leonard
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