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H2O: Just Add Water Season 1

Three girlfriends-Rikki, Emma and Cleo once found themselves on the shore of Mako island. Here in the crater of an extinct volcano girls discover strange Lake. Without thinking twice, they decide to swim in it. A few days later discovered that the main heroines now can be mermaids, their bodies barely in touch with liquids. So the global secret they can't trust anyone but his longtime buddy Lewis. This young man will protect young rusalochek from dangers faced them on the road of life. in addition to popping tails, girls having even, and amazing abilities. So, Ricky could heat the water, and soon learns to control lightning and thunderstorms. Despite totally different characters, the girls manage to become close friends, because they have a big secret. The presence or absence of tail does not alter the fact that the girls are teenagers. That is why they are constantly emerging new sympathies and feelings towards boys.
H2O: Just Add Water
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