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Innocent Season 1

The plot revolves around the story of David Collins, whose life turned into a nightmare for a long time. Convicted for the murder of his wife, Tara, he spent 7 years in prison. Since then, he has lost everything that it was expensive: the House, which he owned, and two children. He has always maintained his innocence, but was supposed to stay until the end of days behind bars.
Despised by friends and family, he could count only on the support of his brother Phil. He was always sure that David is innocent and did not leave attempts to prove it. Sacrificing all to help him: his own career, money and reputation, he was always close to him. A childless sister Tara, Alice and her husband Rob, became parents for children Collins. Thanks to its income, their family is thriving and does not require tools. When his wife was alive, financial situation was completely different.
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