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Chicago Justice Season 1

Peter has long worked in the Prosecutor's Office, he often had to deal with the police, who were criminals, with judges, many of whom piously believed that have always been exclusively correct decision, as well as suspects. Most of all, Peter couldn't stand to communicate with those men and women, who not only refused to confess to their crimes, though many clues have confirmed their guilt, but also behaved arrogantly, confident that they get away with it. When Peter reported that 39 families left without children, as happened shook in a barn, where all these kiddies gathered, it almost felt bad as he imagined, as had the feel of relatives of dead guys and girls. Then the hero took himself in hand and began to figure out who could stand behind this brutal crime. Police quickly found Dylan is a young lad, which was suspected of arson-and then transferred the case to the Court.
Chicago Justice
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