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The Walking Dead Season 1

Rick Grime served in the local police was seriously wounded and taken to hospital in an unconscious state. The protagonist finds himself after a few days of otkljuchki. Around anyone. He's one in a quiet House. Have to break free from the shackles of droppers and other supporting life. Wound still makes itself felt, but the protagonist makes the first steps after waking up. The streets of his hometown, as well as hospital, are empty. However, in the alleys appear strange images that resemble people, but look terrible: chipped leather, gnijushhee body and a ruthless desire to kill the first comer. Rick understands what in the world happened something awful. However, he still believes that it will be able to look for their loved ones. Alas, their home is not provided, but the few survivors in the city prompted Riku where to start looking. Rick begins its journey around the globe, which is owned by now not people, and walking dead.
The Walking Dead
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